Creature Double Feature.

Okay, that was a lame title. But it does relate to the next two pictures in this post. Both of these pictures are two creatures I've drawn today. These are simply quick sketches... they probably took me around 10 minutes. But I felt they were worthy of sharing.

Medium: Old Fashioned Ink Pen and India Ink
Date Created: Friday, April 2nd, 2010

While carrying this around today, I got asked many times whether or not it was Gollum from Lord of the Rings. It is not Gollum, nor was it based on him. I was just sketching a face, and it ended up turning into a hunched over, disgusting creature. Not to mention, Gollum definitely doesn't have spikes. :)

Medium: Old Fashioned Ink Pen and India Ink
Date Created: Friday, April 2nd, 2010

This wasn't actually intended to be a creature. I was attempting to draw a tree, and I lost grip of my pen, and it slipped, creating a squiggle at the bottom of the page. I liked the shape of it, however, and I decided I would add a face and a mouth and some texture. Again, this only took me around 10 minutes. Just a quick sketch.

That's all for right now. However, I have a few more pictures to upload, and I may make another post at some point tonight. :)

The face of trash.

Medium: Old Fashioned Ink Pen and India Ink
Date Created: Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Here's another attempt at a face. After showing my art teacher my finished undersea drawing, he gave me a pen to use and a bottle of ink, and so, when I got home, I decided I'd go at another drawing. I liked the hidden face idea, so I decided to try it again, this time more simple and in a different environment. Voila!

My first full ink drawing.

Medium: Old-Fashioned Ink Pen and India Ink
Date Created: Monday, March 29th, 2010

So, here's the story behind this picture. I was doing my usual doodling in class, and I started by drawing an eye. I was attempting to draw the wrinkles at the edge of an eye, and I realized I made the lines far too long. However, looking again, I noticed that they almost looked like a tail. I added fins and bubbles, and turned it into a fish. After that, the rest of the face just sorta fell into place. After I finished the doodle (a very watered down version of this picture -- no pun intended), I thought "man, this would look really cool in ink..." and so I decided to go visit my art teacher during study hall to start the picture. Soon, the basic face was there, and I started to add some of the other details, like the button bubbles and the toaster, etc. This was my first full ink drawing ever... I had played with ink before, but I had never actually used it to make a full drawing. I think it went pretty nicely.

Here are some noteworthy details...

The face... up close! The eyes are fish, the nose is a fish hook, the mouth is made from two tentacles, and the tongue is a tentacle a little further back. The uvula (the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) is made from the background.

Eggs and bacon in the background. Note the eggshells a little lower down.
A toaster, a bowl, a whisk, a spoon, and a rolling pin. I guess I was hungry in this corner. Also, you can see some of the button bubbles.
A kite attached to a large, underwater spikey thing. To tell you the truth, I don't actually know what you'd call that spikey thing, or if it even has a name. Oh well.
A knife and toast. I guess I really wanted breakfast while drawing this.


Hey, my name's Duncan Gelder. Welcome to my blog. Basically, I made this blog so that I can share my ink drawings and sketches, maybe share some techniques for ink or pencil, or maybe even share stories about my life. Who knows. Imma post some ink work later... I've got several I want to share. :)

Until next time...